High quality, price-competitive results driven telemarketing

telesalesWith numerous routes to market why should companies consider telemarketing as a core part of their marketing mix? – To reach a target audience it is often recommended that a multi-channel approach be employed that might include web marketing, email marketing, direct mail, inserts and off the page advertising to name but a few. However these more traditional marketing methods have over the years become less responsive and over-subscribed as business has become far more competitive.

Telemarketing however is still one of the most powerful and cost-efficient ways to generate new business, as there is no better way to reach your prospects than to speak to them directly. Used intelligently as part of an integrated, multi-channel approach, high quality telemarketing has a multiplier effect, driving up conversion rates to levels that can rarely be achieved by other means.

The power to connect you to your customers

Choosing the right company though is critical to the success or otherwise of your campaign. We are the chosen telemarketing provider for some of the world’s biggest “blue chip” brands. Why? Because we know what we’re doing and we use clever techniques that others companies don’t that help our clients deliver higher conversion levels and a greater return on investment.

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