Off Page SEO Search Engine Optimisation Guide

Link buildingOff Page optimization is generally done to get better ranking in search engines. The better ranking means better and more traffic your website will receive daily. For getting better ranking in search engines we have to do off page optimisation in such a way that we can get real back links pointing towards our websites.

You should always keep a record of the links you have created, which will speed up the submission process by reducing duplication submissions. Also always keep in mind not to make too many submissions per month. Remember if Google thinks that your trying to manipulate it’s rankings it will penalise you. Link building is a slow time consuming process, but in the long term it can pay you dividends for the amount of time you spend.

You can do the following to get back links towards your website:

Blog Posting

Blog posting is another way to generate back links towards your website. Create free accounts in free blogs then post contents in your blog on a regular interval of time and use a hyperlink towards your website. Make sure you use the correct anchor text in the link.

Writing as Guest Author

Guest author posting is getting more popularity now a days. You can simply write a good post on other website as a guest author. Most of the websites allow one link inside the guest posts related to your website. So, Writing Guest Posts can give better quality back links.

Article Writing

There are so many article websites where you can submit original contents. Most of them allow one or two external links inside the posts. You can use your website link inside the post then you will get a back link towards your website. This is playing a lesser part of the optimisation process these days, but it’s still worth doing.

Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking sites like Digg, Stumbleupon are so popular because along with backlinks they can drive huge traffic on your website. So, submitting your website to social bookmarking websites can give you traffic, backlinks and it can help your websites to get indexed in search engines quickly. It’s worth spending some time to find the right social bookmarks which are right for your site.

Forum Participation

To get a back link from Forums You have to create your profile on top forum websites and add signature in your profile. Most of them allow 2-3 links in signature; it means you can add 2-3 different pages of your website in the signature area. When you have added your signature and you start posting on the forum website those links will automatically start appearing at the end of the posts.

Try to find forums which relate to your site – you will have a better chance of the people using the forum more interested in your posts and ultimately your website. Share useful information in the forum and increase your reputation there. More activity on forum websites can give you traffic and better search engine ranking too.

Video Sharing

You can share the videos related to your websites on YouTube and other video sites and can get a backlink towards your website by adding link to video description.

Image Sharing

You can share your images on site like Flicker and Google images which can create back links to your website and sometime generate traffic too.

Web 2.0 Pages

Web 2.0 like hubpages, squidoo are best way to get better back links that will lift up your search engine ranking in Google and Yahoo.

Classified Submission

Submitting website to classified sites can help you to get better ranking in local searches on search engines. Don’t forget about Google places as this always gives you better placement.

RSS Feed submission

You can submit the RSS Feed of your website in RSS Directories. Some webmasters use RSS Feeds on their websites and from there you can get a back link pointing towards your website.

Directory Submission

Submit your website to as many directories as you can to get a backlink towards your website. You should try and submit your website into the correct category. Also try and submit your website to authority directories such