Pay Per Click Tips & Guide

We know how important your marketing budget is which is why we offer you a fully transparent PPC management facility.

Below are several tips to help optimise your PPC campaigns yourself:

Set the appropriate daily budget for your terms

Your daily budget determines how often your ad is shown for your keywords.

To maximize the number of times your ad is shown throughout the day, set your daily budget high enough that the ads won’t turn off during the day.

Improve the Position of Your PPC Ads

Your ad’s position is determined by various performance factors, including maximum cost-per-click, your ad’s actual click through rate, ad text and quality score.

Increasing performance factors such as your maximum cost-per-click (CPC) or your ad’s click through rate (CTR) will improve your ad’s position.

Optimise Serving for Your PPC Ads

Ads with higher CTRs are more likely to draw relevant clicks and qualified leads.

When there are multiple ads in an Ad Group,  Adwords will favour ads with higher click through rates (CTRs), showing them more often than ads with lower CTRs in the same Ad Group.

Target Your PPC Audience by Refining your Keyword List

Select keywords and phrases relevant to your product or service. – General keywords will generate the most impressions, but will often result in the fewest number of clicks.

Use keyword variations to reach more people – Not everyone will enter the same keyword spellings to search for your type of product or service. You can increase your chances of reaching more prospects by including spelling variations plurals and spelling mistakes in your keyword list.

Change keyword matching options to better target your ads. – By specifying the types of keyword matching options that will trigger your ads, you can widen or narrow your focus on prospective customers. Your options are:

  • Broad Match – simply enter your keyword(s), such as red paint
  • Phrase Match – include quotes around your keyword: “red paint”
  • Exact match – include brackets around your keyword: [red paint]
  • Negative keyword – include a dash before your keyword: -red

If your keyword phrase is red paint and your negative keyword is -blue, your ad will not show if a user searches for Blue paint.

Target Your PPC Audience by Geo-Targeting

Geo-targeting allows you to choose your target languages, countries or, if applicable, UK regions.

Target Your PPC Audience by Grouping Related Keywords Together


Organise your campaign by grouping similar keywords and creating a separate Ad Group for each group. This allows you to write more specific ads for those keywords.

PPC Ad Content

  • Include keywords in your ad text or title
  • Adopt a clear style
  • Test multiple ads per Ad Group
  • Identify the unique aspects of your product or service
  • Use a strong call-to-action

Landing Pages & Conversion Tracking

Always link to relevant and informative web pages with a good call to action above the page fold. Put yourself in the visitors shoes and ask yourself if you land on the page would you know where to go next.

A-B test your landing pages. Just change one part of the test page at a time and always monitor click through rates and conversions.

Track your conversions

Conversion tracking allows you to track how many ad clicks convert to purchase, sign-ups, page views and leads. This will allow you to track from an impression to a click to a conversion and remove non converting keywords.