Pay Per Click Management

Pay-Per-Click-MgtWe know that you need to make the most of every penny you spend on advertising. We are fully qualified and have passed the Google Adwords Professional exam on numerous occasions.

Campaign Planning and Set-Up

Richard Errington is a Google Ad Words qualified professional. We have complete knowledge of both Pay Per click and organic Search Engine Optimisation techniques.

We will work closely with you and continue to create, test, analyse, refine and manage your campaign to ensure you receive the best possible return for your investment.

Agree Realistic Budget

Your Google Pay Per Click budget is decided by the amount you are willing to spend in order to achieve your goals and targets. We will undertake market and competitor analysis to assist you with this if you choose to. This will ensure you get the most efficient exposure for your business.

Keyword Mining

This includes every stage from creating the initial keyword list to refining and polishing. The combination of our analysis tools and our substantial internet marketing knowledge means we are able to continually research into how people search for your services.

We’re able to monitor the number of searches made every month for each combination of keywords entered into search engines and pass this information directly into your Google AdWords account.

Copywriting Services

We will ensure all ad text used in your campaign is sharp, relevant and optimised to grab the attention of your prospective customers, using a variety of techniques (including Call To Action messaging) to encourage the most relevant traffic to your website. We will write and test different copy on a regular basis to find what works best for you.

Split Testing & Analysis

A minimum of two ad texts per ad group will be created, each with a different “call to action” or message, to enable us to test which works best for your business and optimise accordingly.

Landing Page Analysis & Optimisation

We will work with you to assess your website content and select the landing pages for your PPC campaign that we believe will offer the highest conversions. We’ll ensure that users’ search queries are matched to the most relevant landing pages.

We will then aim to optimise the performance of landing pages in sync with your PPC campaign.

Typically, these changes can include:

  • Page layout and navigation
  • Call to action analysis
  • Conversion path optimisation

Creation of highly targeted Ad Groups

Ad Groups contain a collection of ads which target a certain set of keywords. We will constantly test and refine the content of the Ad Groups in your account to ensure we are achieving the best possible return for you.

Negative Keywords

For the most effective results we will exclude certain terms from your campaign.

This means that we will ensure that traffic you want to focus on comes to your site. For example, if you sell new books but not second hand books, we would stop your ad from appearing when these terms are searched using negative keywords such as “bad”, “second hand” etc.

Day Parting

If appropriate, we may use a day parting strategy to allow us to schedule what times of the day your ads will appear and how prominently. For example, you may find that the campaign produces more conversions in the evenings than other times of day, so we may choose to show ads more prominently then or even pause the campaign in the morning. We will work with you on this and recommend the best scenario for your campaign.


To gather as much analysis data as possible we will set-up tracking to monitor the number of conversions that occur within the campaign.


Where appropriate we can enable geo-targeting techniques to improve the focus and success of your campaign. For example, we can create an AdWords campaign that only appears to Google users in 25 mile radius of Cheshire.

Google Quality Scoring Discount

Google uses a Quality Scoring technique to measure the relevancy of your advertisement against the search query used. A high Quality Score results in lower costs per click and higher positions within the sponsored ads.

As your Google Quality Score improves, your cost per click should fall, resulting in more clicks for your budget.

Tracking and Reporting

We understand that a PPC advertising campaign can be a significant investment for you, and therefore the importance of offering you complete transparency – ensuring you have all the figures you need to show that your money is being well spent.

Our techniques allow us to monitor and then produce detailed reports that keep you informed at all times. Reports will be generated for you to review on a monthly basis. In addition, we can track your PPC activity based on a variety of metrics including:

  • Cost-Per-Lead (CPL)
  • Cost-Per-Click (CPC)
  • Total Costs
  • Keywords producing leads

In fact whatever the reporting metric you need we will endeavor to find the right report for your business needs and in most cases create bespoke reports depending on your business needs.