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Google’s fluctuating page rank

Your new site or page might rank well initially but, after a week, it begins to drop, declining over time to a middle-of-the-pack slot. Why? Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Webspam team, recently put together a video to explain the phenomenon. Cutts said Google’s algorithms can, initially, have a hard time figuring out the original source of new content. Time changes that, however. “Writing a search engine is kind of a complex task,” Cutts said. “You’re trying to make sure you return the best quality result but you also have to do that with limited information.” Cutts likened the ranking process to the […]
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Another Month – Another Panda update

Google Panda Update 25 Seems To been launched There are many webmasters and SEOs believing right now that Google has released an update to their Panda algorithm late yesterday although we have seen little impact of this update. It would not be surprising if this was indeed a Panda update since Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam, did say at SMX West that a Panda update will be rolling out this Friday through the weekend. Matt then said although an update is expected this weekend, don’t be surprised if you don’t notice it because the Panda updates are going to […]
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Matt Cutts Awarded Patent On Detecting Hidden Text & Hidden Links

There have been unscrupulous SEO’s trying to take advantage of search engines to try to get their web pages to rank higher. It’s not unusual to see within many SEO site audits a section on negative practices that a search engine may not like, and Google lists a number of those practices in their Webmaster Guidelines. Linked from the Guidelines is a Google page on Hidden Text and Links, where Google tells us to wary about doing things such as:Using white text on a white background Locating text behind an image Using CSS to position text off-screen Setting the font size to […]
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Interflora back on Top

Interflora, UK flower delivery service, is showing up again in Google’s search results — just 11 days after it was penalized by the search giant. According to some tweets and posts on Google+, Chris Gilchrist was first to spot Interflora’s resurrection today. Interflora is ranking again on searches for its company name, and its Google+ brand box is appearing again on the right side of the search results. (As Dan Barker pointed out on Google+, that wasn’t showing during the penalty.) Based on my searches here in the US, Interflora is also ranking No. 1 for “florist,” but it hasn’t […]
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Facebook one step closer to search?

Facebook search its new social network search tool was this week launched called Graph Search. Graph Search is a powerful search tool that uses specific filters to help you navigate through all the billions of photos, people and connections housed on the site. Facebook will still offer its traditional search tool, but this new Graph Search bar requires you to ask Graph Search for exactly what you’re looking for. Launched this week is the beta version of Graph Search and it focuses on four areas: people, photos, places and interests. The […]
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Chester Company! Why should we do SEO?

I was over in Chester the other day delivering an SEO website audit and the client asked me to give five reasons that they should invest in SEO. Here are my five answers:Budget control – organic SEO does not require ongoing investment in online ads and pay-per-click campaigns. So, you’ve no need to worry about how long your balance will last and how much each campaign will cost. This gives you more control over your online budget. Branding – regular appearances near the top of the Google, Yahoo, Bing or other rankings indicate you and your business are a genuine […]
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If you have not heard of Google’s latest algorithm update called Penguin, you may be perplexed by your falling search rankings in Google. Google changes up their search ranking algorithms to cut down on spam, penalise duplicate content and generally eliminate weak websites from the first page of Google (the top ten listings). It’s an on-going arms struggle between SEO artists and Google, one which will probably never be resolved. The idea behind Penguin is to crack down on underhanded back linking techniques and reward strong sites by […]
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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!
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SEO or PPC for small business

I was at the Chester show last week and was talking to a potential client about how to choose an SEO/Marketing company for his small business. So you have a little budget available for some form of online marketing. You have to ask yourself a few basic questions before you make up your mind what you put the budget into. PPC is great if your looking for a quick win. But if your entering into a highly competitive marketplace then you will quickly see that budget disappear. […]
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Google’s Penguin Update

The Google Penguin Update, much like Panda last year, has angered SEOs and webmasters, most of whom say they have played by Google’s rules. Anchor text diversity and link relevancy may be two key factors of Penguin, according to more early analysis. 60% ‘Target Keyword’ Anchor Text As discussed in “Google Penguin Update: 5 Types of Link Issues Harming Some Affected Websites”, spammy link signals (paid text links using exact match anchor text, comment spam, guest posts on questionable sites, article marketing sites, and links from dangerous sites) were among […]
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